“The Generator’ – from Australian Club

The Generator is sent to CMMC from Australia from the Morris Minor Car Club of Victoria, located in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, and Australia’s 2nd largest city. More information about club can be found on their website : https://www.morrisminorvic.org.au LATEST NewsLetter is now available to read click on link :  06 – The Generator – […]

“Minor News” – from US club

“MINOR NEWS” is newletter sent to CMMC from North America. The Morris Minor Registry North – America supports all post-war (1948-1972) Morris Minor automobiles with 400 members across all of North America. The club is located in Westerville, Ohio, USA and was formed in mid 1975.  More information about club can be found on their website : http://www.morrisminor.us LATEST is now available to read click […]

“Minor Torque” – from Australia club

“MINOR TORQUE”  is newsletter sent from Australia. The Morris Minor Club of New South Wales, Australia was formed in Sydney in November 1978 by a few close friends who all had a common interest in Morris Minors. It was the first Morris Minor Club in Australia. More information about club on their website = https://www.morrisminornsw.org.au LATEST issue is now […]